Geboortegedichten in het Engels

10 little fingers, 10 little toes.
With the arrival of................
your family grows.


When God wants something special done
in this world...
He sends a baby and then...
He waits.


A tiny angel
sent from above
has come to fill
your hearts with love

Little hands and little feet
Little toothless grins so sweet
Little eyes that shine so bright
Little arms to hold you tight


Cries of joy
the first breathe of air.
stubby feet that kicks in the air
Groping hands
sucking mouth
seeking mom's nourishment.
Beaming , cherubic face,
expectant for love, warmth and embrace
Congratulations for your new ANGEL!


Funny baby poems


A baby is an angel

whose wings decrease

as his legs increase.

To babies.

They will make love stronger,

days shorter,

nights longer,

bank accounts smaller,

homes happier,

clothes shabbier,

the past forgotten

and the future worth living for.


Baby poem for twins


With twice as many hugs and cuddles
twice the diapers too
and twice as many feedings
there'll be twice as much to do...
But what is most important
after all is said and done
is that you'll be twice as happy
for twins are twice the fun!


It's double the trouble
Twice the fun
Having two babies
Instead of one!